Who am I ?:


    I have been a manufacturing Jeweler for 49 years. I started out at 16 years old to become a watchmaker but saw the handwriting on the wall and realized that the future was very limited for watchmakers. I then started as a Goldsmith and Silversmith and then went into design. When I started Computers would fill a room so everything was created by handcrafting the designs in wax. Yes, I am old but not at heart.

I have been married for 41 years to a wonderful lady that has given me my reasons to get up each morning and enjoy life. We have three grown children and 4 grandchildren (they are the best and yes, I am biased).


Why I do what I do.:


    I am a proud American of Irish and Scottish descent. As a passionate history buff, I constantly find all kinds of ideas in the rich legends and stories from the past.  Creating a design from such has become my favorite thing to do because I learn something new and have a new challenge in the creation. Then comes the best part, the sharing with others. Sure I make the items to sell but, I think the discussions the items start at shows are the fun part. Yes, I like to talk. I did mention that I was Irish didn't I?


How a purposed hobby became a business.:


    I must admit that I have been creating Jewelry for 49 years but It had become a matter of get the job done and had become a job. Then my Son went to a Renaissance Faire and had Vendors and Patrons trying to buy a sword pendant off his neck that I had created for his Birthday. I made up several Celtic themed items and went to the Faire and was asked if I would be a Vendor at their next Faire. I Started with one and then was requested by other Faires to be at their Shows until now we are showing all over the Country. Now what sounded like a hobby has become a business that seems like a wonderful hobby.


Why buy from me?:


     We make our items from 14kt. gold, 10 kt. gold, and Sterling Silver. Our stones are genuine except for a few lab created Linde star sapphires and a few lab created alexandrites( these will be clearly marked), that customers have requested. We warranty what we sell against any manufacturing defects for the life of the item and on normal wear issues we happily repair those items for a minimal fee. We LOVE return customers and always attempt to make items that will bring you back.


The boring but necessary policy statements:


    As above our warranty is for the life of the item against any manufacturing defects. Normal wear or abuse is not covered. Items may be returned within 14 days from purchase but must be in the original condition as when purchased. We ask that we are contacted first about a return and the reason for return (sorry about this but we have had a few buy our items, wear them to a function and then want to return the item.).  If the item has been altered( sizing, change in design, etc.) we offer only credit toward an exchange for other items due to the fact that the item was altered.

We really try to bend over backwards to try to make our customers happy but this is a business and we ask that our customers also be fair to us. We will gladly discuss any matter.